Should I Remove the Stump from my Brisbane Backyard

If you are wanting to get any kind of building extension or renovation done on your Brisbane house, or are wanting to install a pool, and you have had plans submitted to council, there will be instructions to have the trees removed prior to construction commencing. Trees can severely interfere with the placement of building foundations and pipes.

Remove the Stump from my Backyard Brisbane

A lot of tree-loppers will cut a tree down, but leave a stump and the roots, which means that building still cannot commence, because there are impeding objects in the way. A builder can refuse to commence work, and will vary the contract if stumps and roots have not been removed from a building site.

In order to prevent your building contract from having to be modified and costing you extra money, ensure that you get quotes from a tree lopper who is a stump grinding specialist. When you get quotes from a professional tree lopping service, and you know that you have to have trees removed, a courteous trades professional will ensure that they include the cost of grinding the stumps.

Removal of Trees and Stump Grinding Brisbane

Ensure that you take the removal of trees and stump grinding into the cost of erecting your new building, so that you don’t have any surprises or cost blowouts. Any new pool installations will also require tree stumps and roots to be removed.

Once you have signed a building contract there is usually a lead up time prior to the commencement of any laying of foundations. The site preparation is done in this time, and this includes levelling of the site, building retaining walls, and removal of trees. Council plans that specify tree removal means that the roots and stumps have to be completely removed, and stump grinding contractors get this job done quickly and efficiently.