The Cost Of Stump Grinding In Brisbane

    The cost of stump grinding in Brisbane starts at around $110 but can be more than $1000 plus.

    Some of the contributing factors to removing a stump and grinding the roots down below the surface are as follows:
    access to the stump:

    • Size of the stump
    • Hardwood or softwood stump
    • Age of the stump
    • Proximity to services
    • The extent of the root system

    Case of a small and hard to access stump

    In the case of a small and hard to access stump a portable disc based grinder is used for its ease of accessibility.
    For larger stumps (that have better access) an industrial machine is used to grind the stump and any excessive tree roots. When this option is available it can reduce the cost to the client.
    Generally speaking it takes about an hour to complete most stump grinding and removal jobs.

    For larger jobs that require multiple stumps both large and small, a significant decrease in price per stump. (up to %50)


    All Sites stump grinding can deliver a quote over the phone if you send us some photos and details in advance.

    Many landscapers will require the services of a stump grinder as the land will need to be cleared so as to make way for the new gardens. Builders will also require a lot of stumps to be removed before construction can commence. All sites stump grinding Brisbane can handle any job no matter how big or how small.