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    Discover our professional Stump Grinding Services in Brisbane with All-Sites Stump Grinding. We are excited to present our newly redesigned website, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the daily operations and the high standard of work we consistently deliver. Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights into the services we offer, emphasizing our commitment to excellence. As the premier solution for Stump Grinding Services in Brisbane and tree clearance, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to address your specific needs in the near future.

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    Our skilled team at All-Sites Stump Grinding is committed to delivering top-notch services with a focus on expertise and precision, ensuring your Brisbane stump grinding and tree clearance needs are met with the highest standards.

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    A seasoned team with a wealth of practical knowledge and skills in stump grinding and tree clearance.

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    Committed to providing unwavering focus and effort, ensuring each project receives personalized attention and care.

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    Offering consistent and responsive assistance, ensuring clients have the guidance and assistance they need throughout the service process.

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    Demonstrating trustworthiness and reliability through a track record of successful projects and satisfied clients.

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    All-Sites is a professional owner-operator business dedicated to providing superior customer service with 10 years experience we do the job right.

    All-Sites Stumpgrinding’s director and operator, Paul Penhall, has ten years experience and has the latest technology which makes us one of the only specialists in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas that can handle awkward access. Any large trunks are removed with the bigger grinder, which does need 900mm wide access. The trunk and roots are removed by literally grinding them out – so what is left is mulch you can use to fill the hole left by the old trunk or spread the mulch elsewhere in your garden.

    What we provide is a fast, reliable, safe and friendly stump removal service. We offer free quotes, services on the same day if possible and are available on the weekends. So don’t consider costly backhoes or excavators – stump grinding is the no-fuss, no-mess solution.

    We will provide estimates over the phone, but we prefer to officially quote once we’ve sighted your stump(s) and confirmed how deep and/or extensive the trunk and roots are. Minimum price is $110 and if, for example, you have a large amount of average-sized palm stumps, then each stump could cost as little as $30. Hardwoods need to be quoted separately, and remember, the more tree stump removals you have, the cheaper it gets!

    Are tree roots and trunks in the way of home improvements, a new fence or shed for instance? Are the tree roots getting into underground plumbing and sewage pipes? Is your tree a pest, like a Chinese elm, or do you just need a canopy trimming?

    There is nowhere we can’t cut or grind . Difficult access? “No problem”. Trees are normally taken down limb by limb, from top to bottom. There are many reasons why property owners consider lopping trees. Our experienced climbers will ensure that your property and tree(s) are in safe hands. They are fully insured and have many years of experience between them.

    If you, have any of these problems, call us today on Click to call 0449 003 606

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    We can cut the tree and remove the trunk on the same day.

    Professional stump removal in progress in a Brisbane backyard, with advanced grinding machinery efficiently breaking down a tree stump.

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