Site Preparation For Stump Grinding In Brisbane

Correct and well thought out site preparation is an all too often overlooked part of Stump Grinding that can save you time, money and spare you an enormous headache. With a simple look around your property and the access that the stump grinder will use to get to the stump, you can reduce the risk associated with your site. You will make life easier for yourself and any stump grinding contractor who comes on site. Less time spent by the professionals = more money in your pocket.

You may be looking at getting the experts in to grind the stump that last storm left behind. Or perhaps there is an old tree in your yard that is in danger of dropping dangerous limbs onto your garden, guests, kids, or pets. Dead timber – whether a stump, tree or stack of building material for house extensions, new flooring or repair, can provide fuel to burn. Brisbane and the surrounding areas are prone to bushfire in the summer months, and the ‘fire season’ seems to be growing further into spring and autumn every year.

Your garden may be a refuge of peace and quiet just outside your kitchen, and no doubt you will want to limit the disturbance to your harmonious home. Here are some ideas to return your house to its natural state as quickly as possible.

The simplest way to prepare a site is to identify any possible hazards involved in getting the stump grinder and his equipment to where the work needs doing, it will save you time and money if you remove them yourself. Something as simple as sandstone pavers can foul up a machine that is attempting to gain access to the stump. Even a loose stone can create problems for quite large machinery. If the stone is close to the stump or below the roots it can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the machine and/or break the teeth of the operating part of the tool.  More dangerously, with the speeds that most grinding wheels operate at, any object can become a high speed missile threatening life and limb. Something as simple as a discarded or forgotten screw can become deadly in an instant.
Standing water can be flicked up into the equipment causing shorts and other electrical problems. Clearing your site of any potential dangers can significantly reduce the cost and this simple step will certainly increase the safety of all concerned.

Professional Stump Grinding.

While any professional stump grinding outfit will have the necessary insurances, for your own purposes it is a good idea to check out what Public Liability cover you have, as often it is better to have your self covered for your own protection.

With a variety of people offering a great range of services, you will often come across a ‘jack of all trades, master of none,’ I would always prefer to deal with a ‘king’ of their trade myself.

A professional company, that do nothing but stump grinding will always have the versatile range of equipment to grind any stump from palm trees to hardwood. Remember the threat posed by Termites; even if your home is made from sandstone (or any other stone) or if it has a steel frame, you will want to protect your floor and any timber joists. If a termite finds no other meal, they can always form galleries to access internal timber like cupboards or wardrobes.

This is what may be hiding in a tree stump left alone.